Non-Stackable Sharps-Tainer™

Non-Stackable Sharps-Tainers™- Polypropylene

  • Standard models feature:
  • Funneled veritical drop and Extended Neck design help minimize needle exposure and overfilling
  • Durable Polypropylene construction provides a stable base during use
  • Extended handles help keep fingers away from opening during transport
  • Needle removal port (#158, #178) provides convenient and compact disposal of sharps

Print/Label: Biohazard, Biohazard Symbol

Non-Stackable Sharps-Tainers™- Polypropylene , Translucent

  • Translucent Models also feature:
  • Wrap around window view label provides quick visualization of fill level
  • Leak Resistant Locking Screw Cap models can be easily opened/closed during use and provide extra measure of security when fully engaged in locked position
  • Standard Locking Cap closure on all wide mouth containers

Print/Label: Biohazard, Biohazard Symbol