Specimen Collector


Part NumberColorCapacityPackagingShipping Unit
02050Commode Specimen Collector1qt/.95L100Case
02071MeasuRite™ Specimen Collector/Slant32oz/1000cc100Case
02072Gent-L-Pan™ Specimen Collector27oz/800cc100Case

Triangular Graduate


  • Ideal for measuring intake or output, these easy to handle graduated containers have a frosted panel for writing pertinent patient information
  • H971-01 and H972-01 are triangular in design and are made from unbreakable translucent polypropylene with graduation in 50 cc's and 2ounce increments up to 1,000cc's and 32 ounces
  • H972-01 has printed graduations (black) for increased visibility and ease of measuring fluid level
Part NumberColorCapacityPackagingShipping Unit
H971-01Triangular Graduate32oz/1000cc20sleeves of 10 each 200/csCase
H972-01Triangular Graduate32oz/1000cc20sleeves of 10each 200/csCase