About Medegen

About MedegenMedegen Medical Products/Minigrip, an Inteplast Group company, is a leading manufacturer and sales provider of patient-care and medical products for acute care and alternate care facilities. Medegen/Minigrip is the largest provider of patient products in the marketplace, with US-based manufacturing plants in Tennessee and West Virginia, and offers strong international sourcing and product bundling capabilities as part of Inteplast Healthcare.

Medegen’s/Minigrip’s product portfolio includes patient products such as water service and basins, bedpans and urinals, emesis basins and bags and more.  For laboratory and measurement we offer specimen containers, specimen collectors and graduated measure products. Our containment systems for biohazard and non-biohazard waste include autoclave bags, sharps containers and can liners. We serve your Operating Room product needs with sterilizable bowls and basins; protective gowns, masks, shoe coverings and more.

The Medegen/Minigrip name has long been associated with quality, innovation, reliability and cost efficiency. That tradition is even stronger today with the gain of Inteplast Healthcare’s global supply chain and commitment to ongoing capital investment. Visit www.inteplast.com or www.inteplasthealthcare.com for more information.