LD & HD Liners

Institutional Trash Can Liners provide a leak resistant containment solution for non-medical waste disposal and are used throughout the healthcare facility to collect and contain refuse. Available in both Linar Low Density and High Density/HMW Polyethylene film, and in flat pack or coreless rolls for easy dispensing and convenience to provide a cost effective solution for every application.   Available in a wide variety of standard sizes, film gauges, flat, star seal or gusseted bottom designed to meet your specific application. Custom specifications available minimum order quantity required.   Surperior performance liners made from premium resins with reinforced seams are puncture resistant and imperviouss to liquids   Clear liners allow quick and easy visualization of contents before disposal while colored options hide unsightly refuse.   Offered in both High Density/HMW and Linear Low density resins for your specific application and budget   Liner Low Density liners provide maximum strength and puncture/tear resistance due to their superior elasticty, provide excellent odor containment properties and are best suited for handling a wide varity of refuse including theose with straight corners/sharper edges.   High Density/HMW liners offer excellent durability and weight capacity in a lighter gauge film that is most cost effective for refuse without sharp or jagged edges   Latex free and enviromentally safe for incineration disposal   Easy dispensign in convenient flat pack or coreless rolls   Typical areas of use: throughout health care facility for refuse collection. Not for use with Biohazardous Waste