Intake and Measuring Containers



Part NumberColorCapacityPackagingShipping Unit
02068ATranslucent Frosted w/ Red Graduations9oz/255cc20 sleeves of 25each 500/csCase
02067Translucent Frosted w/ Red Graduations8oz/237cc25 sleeves of 20each 500/csCase
02069Clear8oz/237cc25 sleeves of 20each 500/csCase

Spouted Collection Containers


Part NumberColorCapacityPackagingShipping Unit
4629Translucent Container No Lid8oz/190cc500Case
M4646Translucent Container w/Printed Lid8oz/190cc20 sleeves of 25each 500/csCase
M4630Clear Container w/o Lid8oz/190cc20 sleeves of 25each 500/csCase
02267Printed Lid for 4629 & M4630-20sleeves of 25each 500/csCase
4647Specimen Container w/Printed Lid8oz/190cc20 sleeves of 25each 500/csCase

Urinary Drainage Bags


  • Urinary drainage bags have sterile fluid pathways and inti-reflux valves to prevent urinary backflow to help reduce risk of infection
  • Available in standard or leg drainage bag styles
  • All bags are designed with built in handles for easy attachment to beds, carts, wheelchairs, walkers etc.
  • An additional clip is provided for securing bags to clothing
  • Designed for mobile users, leg bags come with adjustable latex straps and are available in medium and large sizes
  • Medium bags are calibrated to 600cc's (mL) and the large to 800cc's (mL)
Part NumberColorCapacityPackagingShipping Unit
2550Clear Urinary Drainage Bag (Standard)2000cc(ml)20Case
2555Clear Leg Bag (Medium)600cc(ml)50Case
2556Clear Leg Bag (Large)800cc(ml)50Case