SLIDER-GRIP™ – Slider Zip Closure Bags

SLIDER-GRIP™ - Slider Zip Closure Bags

Enjoy the convienience of the easy slide open/close feature that's made the Minigrip® SliderGrip™ zipper bag SO POPULAR! These seal-top bags are built to tackle a wide variety of applications, especially in environments where gloves are worn. They open and close quickly and easily the first time everytime, reducing unnecessary repetitive motion. Packed in sturdy dispenser box packaging*.

Part Number Minigrip Code Color Size Packaging Capacity Shipping Unit
MGS270Q MGS270Q Clear 8 x 7 250/Dispenser Box Quart Freezer Case
MGS270L MGS270L Clear 9 x 12 250/Dispenser Box Letter Case
MGS270G MGS270G Clear 10.5 x 11 250/Dispenser Box Gallon Freezer Case
MGS270J MGS270J Clear 14.5 x 16 250/Dispenser Box 2 Gal Freezer Case