Midstream Catch Kits

  • Obtain clean catch with ease using convenient collection kits with either tab rings or anatomically contoured funnels
  • Each 4 oz. specimen container is calibrated in 10mL and .25 oz. increments up to 120mL's
  • Select kits with BZK or Castile soap towelette
  • All pertinent supplies are conveniently placed within each package
  • Illustrated instructions are included in each kit to simplify the procedure
  • Labels have lines for name, room number, doctor, date, time and type of specimen
  • Instructions in English and Spanish

Midstream Catch Kit - Pneumatic Tube Systems


Part Number Color Capacity Packaging Shipping Unit
P02-B1252-10 Orange Lid w/sterility seal label, Translucent Specimen container 4oz./120mL 100 Case