Absorbent Pad Inserts

When a specimen bag with pre-stuffed absorbent pad is not available, Medegen / Minigrip absorbent pads ARE available – to insert into ANY specimen bag you have.

Minigrip Super Absorbent Pads have always beena vailable pre-stuffed into select Minigrip specimen bag items.  
  • Absorbent pads can be placed into ANY specimen bag OR sharps container.
  • More than one pad can be inserted into a specimen bag OR sharps container for extra absorbency.

Specimen Transport Bag Accessories – Absorbent Pad Inserts

Part Number Minigrip Code Medegen Code Size Color Doc Pouch Packaging Shipping Unit
ABS3X5MMP ABS3X5MG ABS3X5MMP 3×5 White no flap Dispenser Bag® Package, 10/100 Case