Biohazard Anti-Static Kick Bucket Liner

Anti-Static Kick Bucket Liner - NFPA 56A, Twist Ties, Star Seal, Coreless Roll

Anti-static Kick Bucket Liners comply with Operating Room requirments of NFPA Standard 56A. Bags contain a carbon additive to help prevent the buildup of electrostatic charges. 50-02 for round buckets; 50-04 for oval bucket.

Anti-Static, Biohazard/Infectious Waste Labeling, Biohazard Symbol

Part Number Color Size Gauge Capacity/Gal Qty/cs Qty/roll
50-02 Red/Black 12 x 8 x 24 1.30mil 7 500 25
50-04 Red/Black 18 x 8 x 16 1.30mil 7 500 50