Sterility Maintance Covers – Self Seal

Sterility Maintence Covers - LLDPE Film, Flat Pack, Self-Seal Adhesive Strip

Sterility Maintence Covers protect sterile packs from dust, dirt, odors, moisture and foreign materials, and are used to package, store, transport and maintain a dust free enviroment. Instrument Covers and Scope Transport Bags facilitate transport and easy identification of contaminated and clean devices.
  • Choice of Heat Seal Closure or Self Seal Adhesive strip secures contents and provides a tamper-evident barrier for sterile integrity
  • Easy opening linear tear strip technology allows for quick access and elimates the need and risk associated with using scissors or blades to open
  • Typical area of use: Centeral Processing and anywhere medical instruments are sterile products are packaged/reprocessed

Print: Tear and Seal Instructions

Part Number Bag / Print color Size (inches) Gauge/Mil Qty/cs Packaging
815 Clear/Blue 8×12 2.25mil 1000 250
820 Clear/Blue 10×15 2.25mil 1000 250
825 Clear/Blue 12×20 2.25mil 500 250
830 Clear/Blue 16×22 2.25mil 500 250
835 Clear/Blue 16×30 2.25mil 250 -
840 Clear/Blue 24×30 2.25mil 250 -
845 Clear/Blue 25×37 2.25mil 100 -