Anti-Static Zip Bags (Pink Tint Color)


Bags qualify as Type 2 under MIL-B-81705D entitled barrier material flexible and electrostatic free
Bags are tested to dissipate an induced 5000 volt charge to technical zero in accordance with FTS 101C, method 4046.1
Smaller sizes packaged in DispenserBag® convenience packaging
Pink color film indicates anti-static properties; thick, durable white zip closure. No Print.

Part NumberColorSizePackagingShipping Unit
MGST4P020503Pink Tint2.5×3100/pack 10 packs 1000/csCase
MGST4P0305Pink Tint3×5100/pack 10 packs 1000/csCase
MGST4P0406Pink Tint4×6100/pack 10 packs 1000/csCase
MGST4P0608Pink Tint6×8100/pack 10 packs 1000/csCase
MGST4P0609Pink Tint6×9100/pack 10 packs 1000/cs-
MGST4P0810Pink Tint8×10100/pack 10 packs 1000/cs-
MGST4P0912Pink Tint9×12100/pack 5 packs 500/cs-
MGST4P1212Pink Tint12×12100/pack 5 packs 500/cs-
MGST4P1318Pink Tint13×18100/pack 5 packs 500/cs-