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Inteplast Group Advances In Healthcare Products Market, Forms New Business Unit, Inteplast Healthcare

Inteplast Group Now Offers Broadest Selection of Patient Bedside Plastics, Measurement and Collection, and Waste Containment Products in the Marketplace.

Livingston, NJ, January 6, 2015—Integrated plastics manufacturer Inteplast Group has established a new business unit, Inteplast Healthcare, to align the wide range of healthcare industry products and services offered by its Medegen Medical Products, Minigrip®, Inteplast/Pitt Plastics and Integrated Bagging Systems businesses.

Healthcare-Products-NRInteplast Healthcare, a newly formed business unit of Inteplast Group, offers a broad selection Patient Bedside Plastics, Measurement and Collection, and Waste Containment Products. Photo shows some of the many plastic injection molded items available through Medegen Medical Products, an Inteplast Healthcare Company.

The integration of Inteplast’s healthcare products provides additional value to the healthcare industry through new sourcing and procurement synergies and is a significant progression for the company. Inteplast Healthcare now offers the broadest selection of Patient Bedside Plastics, Measurement and Collection, and Waste Containment Products in the marketplace.

Inteplast acquired Medical Action Industries’ substantial Patient Care business earlier this year and rebranded it as Medegen Medical Products. Medegen Medical Products is the largest manufacturer of plastic injection molded patient bedside items such as urinals, pitchers, emesis basins and bedpans in the United States, and manufactures items such as sharps containers and graduated measures as well.

Inteplast is the parent company for Minigrip®, inventors and patent holders for market leading zipper and specialty medical bags; and Inteplast’s Integrated Bagging Systems division and Inteplast/Pitt Plastics both manufacture can liners, laundry and linen bags, bio hazardous waste bags and more for the healthcare industry.

Charles (Chuck) Kelly, former president of Patient Care Products at Medical Action Industries, was named president of Medegen Medical Products and is now leading initiatives at Inteplast Healthcare. Bennett (Ben) Hellming, former general manager, Minigrip Commercial, is leading Medegen Medical Products’ national sales team as vice-president of sales, Medegen Medical Products.

“We are in a unique position to service the healthcare industry through our Medegen Medical Products, Minigrip, IBS and Pitt lines of products that comprise the new Inteplast Healthcare,” says Dr. John Young, president of Inteplast Group.

“Our experienced nationwide sales force, extensive network of distributors, and relationships with major healthcare group purchasing organizations give us a strong foundation upon which to grow,” adds Young. “While Medegen Medical Products is taking the charge of this new division, we believe that the synergies gathered from the other existing Inteplast businesses will greatly enhance the scope and quality of offerings and services provided to our customers.”

“Inteplast’s renowned manufacturing strength, focus on capital investment and long term vision for Inteplast Healthcare is exciting,” says Kelly. “We are developing new products, adding to our existing product line, and look forward to offering broader private label manufacturing as well. This is the beginning of a significant organization that will become increasingly beneficial and relevant to the marketplace.”

The entire family of Inteplast Healthcare products is available now to GPOs, IDNs, Acute and Alternate Care facilities, through Medegen Medical Products’ sales force. The company will launch a new website in the first quarter of 2015

About Inteplast Group

Inteplast Group, established in 1991 and headquartered in Livingston, NJ, is a leading manufacturer of quality products made with plastics. Inteplast Group’s markets are wide and synergistic, ranging from packaging to construction to healthcare to foodservice to sanitation and more.

Inteplast Group has more than 50 business locations in North America, encompassing manufacturing, distribution and sales locations; and strong international sourcing capabilities. For more information, visit

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Inteplast Group Acquires the Patient Care Business of Medical Action Industries

Inteplast Group is pleased to announce that effective June 2, 2014 it has acquired the Medegen Medical Products, LLC and certain other assets of the patient care business unit of Medical Action Industries Inc. This business unit will operate as Medegen Medical Products.
Included in this acquisition are the manufacturing facilities in Gallaway, Tennessee, and Clarksburg, West Virginia, and the sales and marketing team supporting the patience care business unit. Charles Kelly will join Inteplast from Medical Action Industries and continue in his leadership role as President of Medegen Medical Products.
Dr. John Young, Chairman of Inteplast Group said, “The addition of the injection molded patient care products and blown film containment products to Inteplast’s existing medical products lines creates an opportunity for customers to deal with one vendor for more of their needs.” Inteplast further intends to invest in the existing facilities to improve function and capacity, according to Young, who also added, “We chose Medegen because of its proven track record of excellence as a supplier of quality healthcare products and because of its top-notch team of managers and associates who have made this operation the market leader that it is. We expect that it will become a cornerstone for our Inteplast Healthcare platform.” Young lauds highly the management team in place and believes that the Medegen culture of modesty and teamwork will mesh well with Inteplast’s own culture of no nonsense integrity and transparency that resulted in the company growing from its humble beginnings in Lolita, Texas, to becoming one of the largest integrated plastics substrates manufacturers in North America.
Inteplast operates state-of-the art manufacturing facilities throughout North America, where today it counts 40 plants and 10 warehouse facilities. Central to Inteplast’s existence is the belief in American manufacturing. “The Group was established based upon the belief that we can still do world-class, competitive manufacturing in the United States,” said Young. The creation of Inteplast Group over 20 years ago occurred at a time when similar operations were going overseas. The acquisition of these facilities is evidence of further commitment to this core belief according to Young, who adds, “While we have grown so much in the past twenty years, it all started here in the small town of Lolita, South Texas, from a simple blueprint. I am grateful to all our many colleagues for believing in the Inteplast ideal and for making this journey possible. It has been a privilege for me to work with so many hard-working colleagues over the years, and I look forward to working now with our Medegen colleagues to further continue to build upon its leading medical brand.”

Founded in 1991, Inteplast Group is the largest manufacturer of integrated plastics in North America, offering a wide variety of quality products. Headquartered in Livingston, New Jersey, Inteplast Group maintains three divisions—AmTopp, Integrated Bagging Systems (IBS), and World-Pak—covering a full range of customer needs. Inteplast’s 525-acre manufacturing facility in Lolita, Texas, is supported with the most innovative technology available. State-of-the-art plants have been developed at the site, which are the largest of their kind in the world. Combined capacity of this site alone exceeds one billion pounds of finished goods annually. Inteplast operates 40 manufacturing plants and 10 warehouses throughout North America. Visit for more information.

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